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How to Copy Protect Secure USB Drives with USB Copy Protection

Copy Protect Your Software, Video and Digital files with USB Copy Protection, which means replicate or re-create by human are not possible. you will love it!

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AFT USB Copy Protection is a reliable solution and offer you easy program to encrypt 100% true content encryption and lock your files to USB drives, so that your files or materials of great value in the secure USB drive are protected from unauthorized access and copy.

Owner’s Intellectual properties and presentation materials are the result of your hardwork, therefore once they are copied or stolen by unauthorized user people will suffer from the possible consequence of illegal distribution and spreading of your files. Under the protection of our copy protection program, you can display any files and documents as you like and copy protect them from illegal activities, you will never worry about data breach or file missing anymore.

Here is a quick look at how to use AFT USB Copy Protection to copy protect a wide range of  media file types in secure USB drives and make some settings as a new user.

Get USB Copy Protection here and learn to copy protect a USB flash drive in very easy steps:

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