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MOWAY – Software Protection Dongle

Moway Software Protection USB Dongle


C, C++, C#, Delphi. Java – Moway supports

Software Protection Dongle – MOWAY

This product has been 100% highly strong professional hardware based usb dongle using Moway Software Protection Dongle, which means all software piracy protection, software licensing and protection through MOWAY USB dongles that developer will love it!

MOWAY Dongle is the latest hardware lock (Dongle) for software protection with easy to use, cost effective functions to software developer. Equipped with 32 bits smart card inside and security level up to CC EAL4+. Moway Software Protection Dongle supports multi advanced encryption algorithm to protect software and also provides large data storage capacity to store and protect the license and critical data;

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Why Moway Software Protection Dongle are awesome for software developer

Moway Software Protection Dongle supports HMAC identity authentication, remote upgrade, driver less mode and be flexible used in different scenario. In cooperate with Virbox Protector and other toolkit, software developer will be easily and quickly to complete the highly secured software protection scheme to safeguard their software program far away from piracy.

Moway software protection dongle – Supported Platforms and Programming Languages

Moway software protection dongle can be used to protect virtually any Windows executable or DLL, including C, C++, C#, Delphi. Java, without any modifications to your source code.

The best MOWAY Dongle ever

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Where to buy MOWAY Dongle

To place an order send email or call directly….
Mob: +91 78751 46441, +91 96738 43073
Whats App: 9673843073
Skype: sonywork1

Software protection dongle price

On this page you will find prices for MOWAY in Indian Rupees.
* Moway – Software Development Kit: FREE

MOWAY Dongle Range / Types

We offer two different types of dongles: MOWAY and MOWAY Network.

The flexibility of the MOWAY dongle allows you to protect software that will work with any combinations of type and model.


  • 32 Bits Smart Card inside with large storage capacity

MOWAY USB Dongle equipped with 32 bits smart card which dramatically increase the performance and security level to protected software, together with a series tools, it supports software developer to complete an absolutely reliable protection scheme to your software. Built in File management system, support developer to store and protect the license, key or data in the dongle.

  • Advanced Encryption Algorithm Supported

AES, DES, TDES, RSA and ECC supported, critical data would be stored as file in the smart card chipset. File can be used inside of smart card and can not be read which to keep the security of key and protected data. Software developer may access the file by file name not by the boring data block and call API to use the key file.

  • Secured Communication Tunnel Established

To protect the communication between dongle and protected software, MOWAY USB Dongle use AES algorithm to establish the secured communication tunnel to prevent the data leakage. And random scrambling technology used to prevent cracker insert the probe to detect and obtain the valid information when communicated and enhance and improve the security level of protected software.

  • UUID

Universal Unique ID has been set to each MOWAY USB Dongle hardware lock which is hardware serial ID Set before Moway I shipped to the software developer, you can use this UUID to bind with your protected software and use the UUID to trace and track your software program.

  • Identity Authentication supported

MOWAY USB DONGLE provides HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-MD5 algorithm to developer, and support to be used for the authentication mode with the “challenge-response” which guarantee the identification of authentication user. So developer may also use this function and related algorithm to develop your application for authentication.

  • Stability and Reliability: Highly Integrated Technology of Moway I

All critical components of MOWAY USB Dongle, includes CPU, RAM, ROM and non-volatile memory are all integrated in single chipset which guarantee the Moway I quality and stability in high level and minimizing the risk coming from hardware damage.

  • One Stop Protection Solution to Software developer to protect software

Virbox Protector, A highly secured protector provided with MOWAY USB Dongle, helps developer to save most of workload to complete highly secure protection scheme; A series of Tools Available for Testing, Encryption, Volume Setting, Remote Updating the Moway usb dongle;

  • Multi Operation System and Language supported

Windows Linux Mac Operation System are supported, and C, C#, Java, Delphi program language supported

Technical Specifications

MOWAY offers software protection with USB dongle. Protect USB Dongle program C,C#,Java,Delphi program developed by Software Developer…

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