for Windows, MacOSx, Android

CopyBlock provides USB | SD | OTG - PenDrive copy protection for Windows, MacOSx & Android device supports such as Windows Computer, Windows Laptop, Andriod mobile, Android TAB, Andriod SmartTV. CopyBlock and protect video, audio, PDF | Example - MP4, MP3, PDF).

Content copy protection technology for USB, SD card, and external hard storage media, includes Copy Protection USB, Copy Protection SD-Card, Copy Protection External Hard Drive, Copy Protection, Copy Protection Solution, Copy Protection External Hard Disk.

The encrypted and protected content works on Windows PCs, MacOSX computers, Android devices with standalone players such as(CBViewer.exe | | Copyblock.apk). The locked content on the USB stick, SD Card, OTG-double sided is completely self contained and does not install any drivers or require administrative privileges at any time. Just encrypt the video content once and allow your customer to access it securely from any compatible device they own.

Features of USB Copy Protection for Windows, MacOSx, Android

  • Device support: Windows Computer | Windows Laptop | MacOSx Computer | MacOSx Laptop | Andriod mobile | Android TAB | Andriod SmartTV
  • Software encrypter: It is licence based software encrypter which protect video/audio and pdf files on any physcial pen drive
  • Buy licenses - When you buy no of licenses we provide you activation keys for these licenses
  • Easy & Simple to use - Any Non-tech person can use this software to protect pen drive
  • Anti-duplicate USB/SD Card/External Hard Disk
  • AntiCloning
  • Anticapture Screen Recording
  • Anticapture SnapShots
  • Date of Expiry can be set
  • Players: CBViewer.exe | | Copyblock.apk

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