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USB Copy Protection

USB Copy Protection – Powerful pen drive based security for software, video and data


copy protection for USB flash drives is much more than a copy protection system. It includes features that turn USB flash drives into powerful publishing media. While providing top of the line security for your business profits and data, it also makes your product remarkably safe and user-friendly.

The core functionality of TrusCont USB Copy Protection is hardware based, providing the highest protection level. Strong anti-copy protection for software and data tightly binds your files to the USB flash drive hardware and makes it virtually inseparable. Sophisticated anti-cracking countermeasures and complex security schemes make TrusCont copy protection technology an extremely tough nut even for the most experienced pirates. Software level features further control use rights such as printing, copy-paste, limited time use and more.

Read-only USB configurations write protect your flash drives in hardware, prevent deliberate or accidental delete, format or change of your data and effectively protect your flash drives against viruses and malware infections. CD-ROM partition, user reserved data area, and true Autorun / Autoplay functionality further enhance your customers’ usage experience.

USB copy protection come in a lot of features

Software Copy Protection
Data Protection
Read-Only & Malware Protection
CD-ROM & Autoplay

USB software copy protection

Apply strong anti-copy, anti-debug, code obfuscation & encryption for native code EXE, .NET programs, and WPF applications. Easily toggle wide range of security features: access control, limit number of hosts, limit use time, and much more. Silent protection – fully transparent to end users. Easily applied in minutes, no programming skills required whatsoever.
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USB data protection

Copy protect almost any data type including PDF documents, images, video, audio, html web pages, and even your own proprietary file formats. Outstanding protection technology that efficiently locks your data, control use rights such as save-as, printing, copy-paste, and time limits – whether the data files are used by your proprietary software, or distributed alone for use with common 3rd party software such as Adobe Reader, media players and internet browsers.
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The Best USB Copy Protection Ever

USB Copy Protection is more than just a copy protection system. Actually this is a complete solution that turns Secure USB flash drives or compatible storage device to powerful publishing media carrier. There is a very wide range of security features embedded in USB Copy Protection such as preventing copies, controlling user rights, setting expiration dates and limiting the number of uses.

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USB Copy Protection – Production Tool

TSFD Protection Toolkit

Use this software for protecting and duplicating data on secure flash drive or compatible flash drives. The TSFD Protection Toolkit duplicates flash drives one at a time. You can still connect multiple flash drives. The software will automatically protect and duplicate the connected flash drives sequentially.

USB Duplicator with Copy Protection

TrusCont Content Publishing Sever is by far the most advanced powerful and comprehensive publishing solution your money can buy. It allows you to duplicate CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives, flash memory cards (such as microSD), and it fully supports all TrusCont copy protection products. It duplicates to all targets simultaneously and you can even duplicate both flash and optical media at the same time.

How to copy protect secure USB flash drive or compatible pen drive?

  1. Getting Started

    A one page guide for quickly protecting software and data files on USB flash drives with the TSFD Protection Toolkit using the basic default settings.


Data Protection Features
Software copy protection features
Which file types can be protected with TrusCont?

Almost any data type including EXE, PDF documents, HTML pages, flash applications and SWF, image files (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.), audio & video files (MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, etc.) and many other file formats. You can even protect your own proprietary file formats.

Can Aftproduction supply Secure Flash Drives with my company/product logo?

Yes. Aftproduction offer a wide selection of Secure Flash Drive (TSFD) models and custom logo printing. The custom logo can be laser engraved or printed in color. MOQ for customization available.

Does TrusCont offer data duplication/preloading services?

Yes. Aftproduction offer copy protection and data per-loading services free of charge for customers that purchase the flash drives directly from Aftproduction.