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Edius USB Dongle/ copy protection Edius project and files…

Edius USB Dongle offers copy protection for Edius project and files. Protect Edius files .ezp, .x3d, .fix created using Edius Editing Software...

Edius USB Dongle by AFT Production

Edius USB Dongle and SDK Software tool can be used to protect the data files viz. video projects, videos, Audios, Flash and other documents. The protected data files can not be opened by any means. The Edius USB Dongle special launcher program requires to be run to use these files. The system can be very useful to protect the projects and other files created using Edius, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, Pinnacle

Edius USB Dongle

Copy Protection Edius Project and Files...

The Edius USB Dongle is a Data file protection system; provides the hardware key, i.e. DONGLE and the supporting software components to provide the protection to desired data files.

In simplest form, the system can be described as… It lets you protect the desired data file(s) using the DONGLE key and creates a special launcher application to permit its usage.


The following DONGLE models are made available to opt for towards your requirements

To cater the requirements of Standalone & network based application, the following dongle models are available with the system.

Adobe After EffectsAEP, AEPX
Adobe PremiereAXX, AXP
Pinnacle StudioPRPROJ

Edius USB Dongle...

  • Fits on USB port or USB hub
  • Design is based on USB 2.0 standard
  • Ported on all 32 & 64 bit XP, 2003, Win7 OS
  • No driver needed
  • Inherits all features of Edius USB Dongle model
  • Additionally provides date/time based control


The software components of the Edius USB Dongle system provides an application to configure Edius USB Dongle models of the DONGLEs, Create a launcher for the application which will be used to access your data files & protect the desired data files.

The Edius USB Dongle system can be used to protect Audio Video files, Effects & Video project files of Edius, Premiere, Pinnacle etc, and others. It can virtually lets you protect any format of file.

The Product’s Starter Kit has all the software components bundled into a Program CD. The demo videos are provided to demonstrate how to protect various file formats…

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