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How to Copy Protect secure USB Drives

USB Flash Drive Copy Protection Solution

How to Copy Protect secure USB Drives with TSFD Protection Toolkit

Insert secure USB drive
  1. Step. Install TSFD Protection Toolkit
  2. Select files > Protect All
  3. Step. Make protection settings
  4. volume label
  5. start duplication > Select secure USB drive to protect > default CD-ROM
  6. Start Burning
  7. Step. Finish copy protection of files in secure USB drive
  8. Tips. Tips about the USB Copy Protection

TSFD Protection Toolkit is a 100% true content encryption, anti crack-able, anti hack and easy program to encrypt and lock your copy protect files on secure flash drive, so that your files or copyright materials in the secure USB drives are protected from piracy and copy.

Here is a quick look at how to use TSFD Protection Toolkit to copy protect a wide range of major media formats in secure USB drives and make some settings as a new user.

Get TSFD Protection Toolkit here and learn to copy protect a secure USB flash drive in easy steps:

secure usb flash drive

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